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Alex Podgurski


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Alex Podgurski is a serial entrepreneur and marketing expert currently living and working in Puerto Rico. Alex has worked in the digital marketing space for over 16 years, learning and growing his professional reputation. Through numerous business ventures, Alex has become an industry go-to, specializing in direct response, social media marketing, and cost-per-acquisition models. Today, Alex continues to help both individuals and companies enter into the digital space through APR Media.

Unlike most, Alex Podgurski took interest in digital marketing at a surprisingly young age. Alex began experimenting with computer programming and writing his own computer games. He eventually moved into web design and sharing video game reviews.

Early on in life, Alex Podgurski became interested in business and technology. He worked on honing this passion and turned it into his career. As time passed and the internet evolved, Alex became increasingly interested in computers and digital marketing and soon segued into that industry. By 2016, Alex had opted to transition from San Diego to Puerto Rico, where he launched APR Media. Throughout his career, Alex has worked on a variety of companies, which has come as a natural progression to him, whose business ventures have grown along with his career.

Alex Podgurski has spent over 16 years working in direct response marketing. Thanks to this experience, Alex has established himself as a leader in the industry; this leadership comes from  his ability to vertically integrate several facets of business. Some of Alex’s companies have included a call center focused on customer service and retention, a fulfillment warehouse, and a digital media house that specialized in marketing health and beauty products.

Today, Alex Podgurski focuses on staying on top of the ever-changing landscape of digital marketing. Alex works hard to stay in touch with the constant changes and developments in digital marketing; he enjoys learning as much as possible about the industry and seeing what new methods there are to experiment with to see which work best. Currently, Alex is focused on leveraging initiatives outside of email and phone, such as introducing clients to push notifications, which will help expand their reach and generate greater responses from current and potential customers.

Throughout his time as an entrepreneur, Alex has encountered success and failure. In the face of failure, Alex is a firm believer in finding the underlying lesson with every occurrence and chooses to embrace those learning experiences in order to better prepare himself for his next venture. Though he is oftentimes faced with 16-18 hour work days, Alex thrives on this type of hard work and makes sure to plan and prepare ahead of time. Ensuring that he is organized and planning out his day the night before has helped Alex Podgurski ensure maximum productivity, no matter what the next day holds for him.