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The professional organizers’ national association put out a report that people spend an average of a full year of their lives seeking lost items. Those items can be physical, such as keys or a wallet, or digital, such as photographs and emails. One year lost to lost items is a staggering length of time. Fortunately, life organization is currently nearly effortless. There are countless apps designed to organize various aspects of people’s lives.

The data suggests that average people spend hours each day on their phones; when seeking lost time, RescueTime is among the best of the market’s organizer apps. It helps users fully optimize time spent by laying out the amount of time dedicated to each website and app. It does this in a quite simple graph that is easy to comprehend. Those seeking to lessen their time aimlessly sifting through apps can set goals that RescueTime then tracks.

My Fitness Pal
Under Armour’s My Fitness Pal is an app that is ready to help people regardless of where they stand on their fitness journeys. The user begins by entering the necessary information about weight, height, levels of exercise, and weight goals. The app then displays optimal daily calories to consume to lose or gain weight effectively. The app can track each meal and workout. It contains an enormous food library, but meals can also be manually entered. This app also syncs to Apple Health, which means that tracked steps are counted.

Using the same password across the myriad apps and websites people use is a foolish means of saving time and brainpower, but keeping track of a plethora of passwords is a taxing proposition. Instead, using an app like LastPass, which is a password manager, allows users to create, store, and remember various passwords. While it is not free, it is a small investment to make for peace of mind.

For those with truly complex to-do lists, 24me is an app to lend extra hands and brainpower to the task. It is a life organizer app. It permits the user to generate both physical and digital tasks, like hanging a painting or paying a bill and can link to other apps like TaskRabbit, Facebook, and PageOne.